Seattle-Washington Burners Newbie Picnic

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Seattle-Washington Burners Newbie Picnic

Post by jmdinn » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:03 pm

There seems to be a dearth of available info on this event. Unfortunate that it's a bit last-minute at this point, but better than not at all.

The Newbie Picnic is coming up on SUNDAY JULY 6 (noon - ???). For those of you who are in fact [i]Newbies[/i] to this whole crazy Burning Man thing, this is our annual event that gives you, the Newbie Burner, the opportunity to meet and greet some of the more seasoned burners in the area while learning tips and tricks for how to survive the desert.

The newbie picnic is brought to you in collaboration by your Burning Man Regional Contacts (Matt and Dave Martinez) and Ignition Northwest, our democratically-elected regional non-profit. We'll be holding the event in
the same spot we've had it over the past couple of years at Lower Woodland Park. (it's at one of the "Shelters", thought I forget which number. There will be signs and we're relatively conspicuous)

The Newbie Picnic is FREE, and paid for by Ignition Northwest with the funds raised by our other regional events. We will be accepting donations to help offset some of the expense, but in no way will any donation be required.

"Who is the newbie picnic for?" you might ask. Well, its for you the Burner
Newbie, veteran burners, and for all of your friends and family who may be confused by exactly what you are planning to do this August. It's a great opportunities to get to know some of the theme camps and artists that hail from the area, learn from the Black Rock Rangers and DPW, and meet members of Ignition Northwest and the Burning Man Regional Contacts.

Hope to see you there!
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