Greener than Grass

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Greener than Grass

Postby Gabbles » 8 years ago

Well, I'm going to be a first timer this year, and while I am going to be with a camp that have been going for years, i thought that it would [i]never[/i] hurt to look for more tips and suggestions.

If its one thing i've heard is that its impossible to be entirely prepared your first time through, because many things are either forgotten or are just such second nature to the veterans that they prepare accordingly without any thought.

Im excited and giddy.

Thanks everyone, for making this what it is, and what it will be for me.

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Postby thirt33n » 8 years ago safe.
...don't firgit yur toothbrush n read the survival guide

and start smilin' big


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Postby TomServo » 8 years ago

This will be my 9th burn, and Im finally prepared...not just your first year. You're lucky to be with a camp! hopefully, they will guide you along. Welcome Home!

and the survival guide
anything worth doing is worth overdoing..

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