It's like Taking my first jump off the diving board.

Start here - tell us about yourself and what brings you to ePlaya.
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It's like Taking my first jump off the diving board.

Postby berner516 » 7 years ago

[size=18]Greetings, This is my first time, yes I am a virgin! I go by the name of Berner (with an "e".)[/size]

Been wanting to do this forever, so I am looking forward to having a great and meaningful stay at Burning Man.

Also looking to meet as many people as I can, so dont be shy.

Thanks for reading my introduction!

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Postby Elderberry » 7 years ago

Hey there, welcome to eplaya!

Enable BBC code in your settings.

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Postby AntiM » 7 years ago

Just breathe.

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Postby Fire_Moose » 7 years ago

actually, it's nothing like jumping off a diving board...don;t be silly
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Postby ygmir » 7 years ago

AntiM wrote:Just breathe.

make sure you wait to come to the surface, though.........


Unabashed Nordic

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Postby pinemom » 7 years ago

Welcome to E-playa....its absolutely NOTHING like The playa!
Names pinemom, but my friends call me "Piney".

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Postby Deb Prothero » 7 years ago

Welcome to eplaya, berner516.

Tell us a little 'bout yerself, so's we can start a conversation.

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Postby theCryptofishist » 7 years ago

You from Beethoven's home town?
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Postby Ugly Dougly » 7 years ago

jkisha wrote:Hey there, welcome to eplaya!

Enable BBC code in your settings.


"SIZE=18" ???

No, go ahead and leave it disabled. People don't like being poked in the eye. :)

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Postby Sail Man » 7 years ago

Welcome Berner, about that diving board thingy, I'd be carefull as the playa is def. considered to be the shallow end of the pool. Unless your bringing a pool that is :D
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