Seeking a camp to join

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Seeking a camp to join

Postby Sagian » Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:29 pm

Hi fellow burners, my significant other and I are in search of a place to pitch our tent for the festivities this year. It will be my third time but my boyfriend is a newbie, and we would really love to find a fun, low-key group to camp and share laughs and pillows with out there. :D

I've done a theme camp and a small group, and I prefer a cozier gathering. I am a writer and he is a singer who is really into crystals and metaphysics. We are easy-going, silly and upbeat people who will be very considerate of your space and needs, ie we won't hog the best seat under the shade structure. We will have plenty of good, healthy eats and drinks to share along with some crazy stories and hopefully new adventures. (We will be out and about a lot.) We are from San Francisco and plan to arrive in the late afternoon of Aug. 1st. Please let us know if you may have room in your camp for us!

Peace and love,

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