1st-timer from Madrid (Spain), + ride from San Fran??

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1st-timer from Madrid (Spain), + ride from San Fran??

Postby disksko » Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:27 am

Hi everyone,
I am Ben, and international BIG FUN traveller from Spain. I will be coming accross the BIG POND to get silly with all of you! I can´t wait to come share my bags or European goodies and LULZ.

I´m looking to meet cool people with similar interests, such as DJing elecronic music & dancing, World travelling, anything to do with the ocean, dressing up to freak people out (lol), pertying, and sports like soccer, tennis, volleyball. I am an attractive, educated and STF-free relatively young "hybrid" (half-spanish, half-usa) guy. So PM me your email, myspace, or whatever!

Also, on a more serious note, I think I will need a ride from San Fran to BM. I arrive Aug 25, and need to be back Sep 7th. Of course, pay gas, share driving & laughs, considerate, etc!

If you ever wanna come to Spain, u have a friend there. =)

First timer, visiting from Spain!!!!! =)

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