Ahoi all. Returning Sober burner flying into 88NV & volunteering with Gayte

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Ahoi all. Returning Sober burner flying into 88NV & volunteering with Gayte

Post by highwayman » Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:21 pm

Ahoi is a punk rawk nautical term that combines Ahoy & OI. I shipped then together but I wont be creating any other words around here so as not to confuse anyone. :mrgreen:

I will be returning to the playa for 2016, inshallah. What I have atm is blind faith. This faith has aligned with the universe in past years & allowed me to attend. I also have a gifted set of flights in a Cessna 4 seater from Massachusetts to Black Rock Airport NV88 with a fellow burner. What I dont have is a ticket, any money, a bank account, trust fund, rich uncle, Larry Harvey as my father of record or a job. I reject capitalism and consumerism while I embrace a voluntary vow of poverty (1st world poverty). I usually do not earn an income or handle money (in any form) which is a real pain in the crotch when it comes time to go home to Black Rock City. I embrace decommodification so much so that I practice it & the other 9 principles throughout my default life. BM is contagious & infectious to mainstream society. I am trying to trade everything that I own of value (except my bicycles for the playa & the default world). I hop freight trains, hitchhike, sneak across international borders, solo kayak & bike tours & other boring shit.

I have driven in a small VW Passat sedan Tdi/diesel (once with no AC) from Massachusetts two times before & attended both sober & in recovery & not. I have been lost on the playa for 2+ days. I lost my bike within hours of my first burn. I almost snuck in & even had a ghillie suit, Infrared cloak & full camo tactical military gear to try to evade BLM & Gate.. I will spare you most of the not sober stories as they are not pretty.

Anyhow I plan to volunteer in Black with Gate, Perimeter & Exodus this year. I had visited the Black Hole in 2014 and met other hardcore types like me & emailed back & forth a few times over my year of absence in 2015. I am sure many of you can relate to being "Home" at Burning man but not really fitting into that "Home".
Participating is mando but being radically accepted among your natural peers is like being a puzzle piece & finally finding your place in the completed puzzle. #NOHugs #Onceyougoblack


Here I am username Highwayman, call sign mayhem
No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun."

Suicide note of Raoul Duke aka Hunter S. Thompson.

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Re: Ahoi all. Returning Sober burner flying into 88NV & volunteering with Gayte

Post by OatmealMama » Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:06 pm

Welcome (almost) home. I hope you find your...tribe. And your ticket.

See ya in the dust!

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