Back for More !!

Start here - tell us about yourself and what brings you to ePlaya.
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Back for More !!

Post by SecretOperativeBear » Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:11 pm

Hey Kiddies! Really really looking forward to 2018, my 11th year on Playa.
Can feel the energy building and my mind is squirming like a bug in anticipation.

This year I'm adding a electric motor assist for my 2006 Schwinn Cruiser SSX.
The parts continue to trickle in from various parts of the world.
I expect it will be pretty sweet.

My experience is after a few nights of dancing till sunrise last thing you feel like doing is the long ride home.
After 3-4 nights I can barely stand. Hopefully I will get to cover more ground and see more art than ever before.

Burn Night 2013 was the last time I drank alcohol, so this year i will be celebrating 5 years of sobriety.
For me that's a big thing. If you can drink and enjoy yourself safely and responsibly......i'm happy for you.

Next year 2019 I'm planning on building an art car. Just got a new job, with good pay, beni's and vacation time.
I've been in survival mode for so long now. Hope to exit the panic / freakout mode for a while and enrich myself with my hobbies and art.

Looking forward to seeing all my burner friends from all over the world. In one place for a week, or two or three.
Making new friends. Having excellent discussions. Trying to find solutions for what actually matters.
Spreading Good Energy. Finding the strength to keep going in this crazy crazy world.

Really enjoying the "i'm so old i remember" thread. LOL!

13ear 8)

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Re: Back for More !!

Post by Elderberry » Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:27 pm

Hey there, welcome to ePlaya!
When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle.
Then I realized that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me

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Re: Back for More !!

Post by AntiM » Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:03 am

Welcome Aboard!

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