The Burner Transplant Project.Piratey Hopes& Pheres

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The Burner Transplant Project.Piratey Hopes& Pheres

Post by Alchemy » Wed Jul 19, 2006 2:25 am

JUST 15 minutes northeast San Francisco (if you know how to drive)
is a tiny little town thats inhabited by around 15-1800 people.Its called Crockett. Two years ago I moved into my new 120 year old home,tucked behind the C&H sugar factory on the water,and continue to pinch myself not just for fun but because its not a dream.
IT has the following:
Rents cheaper than The Ghetto :shock:
Home sales cheaper".." plus rent to owns and no $ down
Art Grants for residents !!!!!!
Open grandfather codes !!!!!!
self reliant ,policing,voulenteer fire ,dpw
community pool
crime fre
starry nights
3 galleries
poetry cafe
3 bars
good schools
cool neighbors
great partys
surrounded by federal land
space for free interprise
vintage houses
live works
store fronts
big yards
flexible grateful landlords low move in just paythem they dont care...
go ahead and garden,paint,make noise...
party friendly town,
loves big art
VEIW of The Gods...from mare island to benicia...

The town digs partys
late nights
stuff with motors
guns (responsible use)
fireworks (responsible use)
artists who pay rent,or own...
its so trendy to join the community chamber or dpw...
weve got our own JRS called The Signal
The towns got a bit of a rep for being a little piratey....
But unfortunatly there are too many vacant buildings and the locals
are happily a little slow on promotion....I just keep imagining a town of 24 - 7 Burningman freedom and original thinking..sweeping this town,harvesting its goodies and perserving its quirkiness before this time capsule ala 1979 disappears into the history books of Old california art towns.
Its Twin Peaks meets Northern Exposure and is already about 25 burners strong. Most of us have taken the eastern hill on the water..Winslow street.
Everytime a home opens up on my block I fill it with a burner,Ive placed 8 so far..and the property owners love me. It makes my life style easier as I had one asshole living behind me and since there are strenth in numbers I started becoming a majority.There are too many amazing places that could be used here and so many lives that could be brightened or revived by what we do. This burg should be the fulltime sister city to BRC. :twisted:
What would you do with a small town?Surrounded by wild life parks ,facing the mouth of the delta with water access,and inhabited by pirates ,poets,artists and dreamers? Just could be just a kiss closer to BRC,be rid of storage nightmares.
What if we did a burn but on the water with art boats and theme islands..the delta is HUGE!
Wanna?! Give it a drive thru on your way to BRC..take the Pomona Exit off of I-80 BEFORE you cross the Carquinez bridge into Vallejo. Its the town thats tucked into the hills behind the C&H sugar plant ( a totally disco sign I might add)...
Its my hope to make this a reality
and an artmos"phere"

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diane o'thirst
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Post by diane o'thirst » Wed Jul 19, 2006 11:12 am

Anywhere to keep a horse? I'm looking for barn and at least 1 acre for pasturage.

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Post by capjbadger » Wed Jul 19, 2006 11:16 am

Wow... That sound pretty cool. I've been looking to move out of Healdsburg, but finding a place somewhat near work (novato) with low-ish rent and a yard to work on all my projects has been rather fruitless. No moving right now till at least after burning man of course, but I'll definitely have to look into this.. thanks
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Post by trilobyte » Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:30 pm

Sounds interesting... here's a link to the place on Google Maps...


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Craigslist and such... Pandoras box?

Post by Alchemy » Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:28 am

you can get an idea of the surroundings periodically on craigs tho not all listings make it there....most of the locals depend on the local property managers or word of mouth.A good portion of the rentals are owned by third and forth generation locals,&/or out of town/absentee landlords.

The better deals are usually worked thru referal or by the word of mouth.Ideally the prop owners want descent tenants, but ideally what most of the owners want whether its to rent or to sell is to find good fits for the town,meaning people who are going to get into being here.Thats how Crockett and BRC mirror each other is that they both have huge community involvement.Demographically its a town thats about 50/50 own to rent,about half are traditional family ( in the loose concept) and the rest are retired or just starting out.

its a culture worthy of respect and preserving. Its definatly not for everyone,but a great place to enjoy and participate.

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Post by Dustdevil » Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:36 am

And you forgot to mention "Nantucket", one of the better restaurants. A hole in the wall serving fresh seafood daily. Eating there reminds me of the restaurants on the wharf in Ft Bragg. I eat there often as Spengers isn't the same under the new ownership.
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Best damn clam chowder...

Post by Alchemy » Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:22 am

Clam Chowder of the gods....

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