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Post by vikingyouth » Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:03 am

The Chicago Burning Man community would like to offer a helping hand to any artists passing through Chicago after the burn this year by offering temporary (until October 1st, 2006), secure storage space for your large scale installations, your art cars, your tapestries, etc to help make your easing back into the default world a little less of a headache.

"But, I've always heard Chicago is full of salty troublemakers, lechers and cretins," you say. "So what's the rub?" Well, in exchange for keeping your playa art nice and safe and off your mind for a few weeks we'd like you to come back to Chicago on September 30th and set your projects up at our 1st Annual Block Party Decompression and help make the party something this city will never forget.

It's not a bad deal at all really, we'll store your crap safely away until September 30, meanwhile you can put your energy into drinking away the pain of the default world and reminiscing about the dozen ways your life changed during that Thursday morning sunrise. All you have to do in exchange is drag your self back to Chicago on September 30th for a giant outdoor party with a bunch of beautiful people and then take your stuff home with you October 1st. Sweet.

Chicago's 1st Annual Block Party Decompression will be from noon until 10:00pm on Saturday September 30th. We'll have 3 sound systems, mini-theme camps, geodesic domes, art cars, fire art, performance art, food, drinks, installations, and what ever YOU bring to the table. This should be an amazing event and a milestone in our communities history, do yourself a favor and be a part of it.

For more information please email minimonk at [email protected]

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Directions to the event

Post by Curmudgeon » Sun Aug 20, 2006 3:56 pm

Vikingyouth seems to have accidentally left out the directions to the event, so I did a Googlegroups search and pulled up this post by Marley, which should help.

From: Marley - view profile
Date: Thurs, Jul 20 2006 12:42 am
Email: "Marley" <[email protected]>

7/12/06 Chicago Decomp Meeting Minutes

Attending: Brian Buckman, Groot, Liz, Minimonk, Linda Loca, Kurt, Willie,
Devin, Justin, Striz, Damon, Shai

On Wednesday night 12 people from the various burner tribes in Chicago got
together to begin planning the 2006 Chicago Decompression. We plan to
revive the idea of a block party similar to the ones in San Francisco and
LA. After a brief discussion we agreed on a name, date, time, & place.

Name: Chicago Decomp
When: Saturday September 30th from 2:00PM to 10:00PM
Where: 1900 block of West Hubbard and we will also be using a vacant lot on
that block.

We discussed the pro's and con's of officially aligning ourselves with the
Burning Man project. They would want to be covered for liability under our
insurance policy and we would have to abide by their ten principles
( We were already
planning to follow the ten principles as we do for all the other events.
They would help us with legal and organizational matters and we could draw
on their experience in these areas. We were divided about whether it was
worth it to make this event an official one but we reached consensus and
agreed to do it.

Minimonk and Liz have been researching Chicago's rules and it looks like we
have already crossed the line from block party to special event because we
are going to involve people who don't live on the block. Minimonk will put
the special event permit in his name. We will have to buy insurance.

Groot volunteered to be the treasurer and will track expenses just like he
has been doing for our other events. He will start a budget and asks
everyone to help think of things that will cost us money and send them to
the mailing list along with amounts. He will set up a simple income /
expense budget and post it to the list.

Brian suggested that we offer the vacant lot as a staging area to theme
camps returning from Burning Man. This would make it easier for camps from
Chicago and elsewhere to participate because their stuff would already be
here when they return for the Decomp. Everyone liked the idea and Brian
will write something up so we can post it to the Jack Rabbit Speaks.

We agreed that we will need a web site and decided to morph it into a
Chicago Burning Man web site once Decomp is over. Devin volunteered to set
it up.

We made a list of tasks and got a few volunteers:
Website- devin
website forms- matty
theme camp reg- linda
sanitation- kurt/liz
ranger- kurt
clean up/ moop DPW - Matty
Sound Stage manager- matty
Security- ruby, liz
Who,What,Where,When, Why
Volunteer List- Linda/liz
placement- matty, liz, linda
art installations
city contact- matty
community outreach
press releases- matty/linda
bike parade- devin

If you want to get involved please come to our next meeting on Monday July
31st at 9:00PM at Minimonk's place. We encourage everyone's participation
and we have set up a mailing list for planning. To join the list go to
Google Groups at this address:

Is that information still accurate?

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Post by Curmudgeon » Sun Aug 20, 2006 4:07 pm

One other thing - wouldn't this be better listed under Regionals and Events?

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