Lovely marriage at dawn

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Lovely marriage at dawn

Post by [CDS] topher » Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:27 am

Sunday morning, just before sunrise. I've been up all night, dancing, meeting people, and am calming down, slowly, and we walk out to the bamboo tower art piece way out past the man, past the music & dance scene, past the noise and back to the playa itself. People are quiet, but the city behind us is alive, still deep in its death and rebirth.

As the Sun slowly rises, slowly emerges from behind the clouds on the eastern horizon, I sat near the structure with my friends, talking quietly. I walked towards the structure, feeling the breeze, reveling in the increasing light, internally celebrating my new year and all that was to come. I walked towards the bamboo structure, and noted a couple kneeling underneath it at its center, holding hands. Looking into eacher other's eyes, and with another man keeling near them, facing the Sun, it quickly became clear to me that this couple was getting married. While a few people hovered, taking pictures or chatting, most were respectful and quiet, simply watching.

Over the period of a few minutes, I watched as this beautiful couple exchanged vows and rings, the very first rays of the Sun illuminating their faces.

In the ten years since my first burn, I've never been as touched as I was at that moment, nor as filled with hope for the future. Talking about connection to the year's theme!

To that couple: thank you for letting those of us who were there witness.
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Post by poodle » Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:57 pm

I don't know how many weddings typically take place at Burning Man but this year I know of 15. There were 12 scheduled at the Cathedral and at least one unscheduled that I know of. My friends Kat and Squirrel were married at the sunset on Thursday. And now this one makes 15.

I'm deeply touched by these expressions of hope and am grateful for the example.

There is no more powerful lesson than to be witness to people living well and with great joy.

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