Slowcore/Lullabye Musician seeking performances/stages...

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Slowcore/Lullabye Musician seeking performances/stages...

Post by lancegridermuzik » Sun Jun 18, 2006 5:32 pm


I am Lance Grider...

I am a professional / touring musician.
I make gentle, delicate, bright slowcore muzik...and original dark lullabies ~ (voice, violin, cello, keys, guitar...or solo)

I am seeking performance stages and others who would like to help me perform...and bill up together also

I played center camp stage twice last year...and the year before too...and I played Diva Boot Camp and Woonami Village

With your help, I want to play many performances again this year.

At Burning Man, I like to perform on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday nights...and...I like to perform on Sunday night also. I do not like to perform on Friday nor Saturday nights cuz my muzik is so delicate and slow...i.e. it's not loud party muzik

I am a professional / touring musician.
I just released a new record called 'ocelli' that is doing very well.

I may also sing at the Temple Burn on Sunday night (an a'capella piece as the temple burns)...and...I'd like to perform just after the temple burn on sunday night at Center Camp stage...around 12 midnight.

If you want to hear my new music, I have a website (listed below)...or...My MySpace page is a good place to quickly view and browse my bio and music.

I recommend an instant listen to some of my muzik at:

My website is:

I play slow, lullabye-ish, delicate muzik...of the bright and grey and dark varieties

I will be performing this year at Burning Man with a Violinist and Cellist...named Rena Jones. She's a magickal fairy girl who is AMAZiNG!

I will have many friends at my performances at Center last year.

I camp in Woonami Village and Diva Boot Camp.
This will be my sixth consecutive Burning Man experience.

Here's where you can see what Burning Man friends think about my muzik:

Email me with possibilities...

thank you!

lance grider

(aka: Lance Grider Muzik)

tel: 503.888.RaiN
MySpace page:


lance grider muzik is portlandik subterranean slowcore

record label: Stardom is Dead

lance grider is a multi-instrumental composer, singer, songwriter and performer. his music is mesmerizing, haunting, tranquil and enveloping. his voice is androgynous, delicate and intimately entrancing. his shit is charged and dangerous to the status quo. he sings and composes music with piano, guitars, harp, keys of violin and cello, percussion, bass, electro/keyboards, and sound sculpture.

lance composes, records and performs with musicians from the Oregon Symphony, the Oregon Ballet Theater Orchestra, the Portland Opera, March Forth Marching Band, and others.

to instantly hear or download lance grider muzik or for more information, MP3s, photos, videos, show dates, go to:

A review by Music Liberation Project: "If there’s one thing this boy’s got, it’s pipes, and the talent to back it. Lance’s composition skills combined with his out-of-the-ordinary singing range resembles that of the late, great –xxx-. The songs on his EP CD were produced and multi-tracked with Lance on vocals, piano, guitars, keyboard, keys of violin and cello. Keep a look-out for Lance Grider and his no-fear stage presence." Music Liberation Project

from the listening audience...

“That voice! Oh my word, that voice!!! I am chilled by the haunting beauty that drips from this music. So delicate, so touching and soaked in such rich depth. Lance mesmerizes something wicked with his dreamy lullabies.” Ian ~ Los Angeles

"Listening to Lance's voice and music for the first time felt like the scraping of layers off my heart. The emotion and passion fires burn so bright when he plays, the coldest soul has no chance but to melt. He is total embodiment of the MUSIC." Sandy ~ Portland

“When Lance sings, I feel like I'm being covered in honey, and set on fire all at the same time. He has an angels voice.” Sarah ~ Portland

“Lance's sound is hauntingly potent, surreal, lulling. It breathes a certain kind of sadness without sorrow. His voice is tender and his musicianship is impressive. He is a sweet treat to the ear - a definite Portland must-see!” Nicole ~ Portland

“His voice is like an angels voice. He takes me to other worlds." Gwen ~ Portland
instantly listen or download muzik and view profile / bio at:

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Post by dancemaker » Tue Jun 27, 2006 8:31 pm

I am looking for gentle musicians to accompany my dance piece "a small piece of sky" it is to be performed blindfolded at the Temple and will express the hope and fear we all have inside. The piece can be previewed (kinda) on my web site click on the man icon at the bottom of the page.
It was originally done to the solo piece for flute by Dead Can Dance.
I have a number of people who will be dancing but so far not much interest from musicians. Contact me if you would like to collaborate.
Dancing across the Universe

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cello?!?!?! play for visual meditation session?

Post by alexamonkey » Wed Jun 28, 2006 3:35 am

Looking for live performer to play simple meditative music to accompany visual meditation session- my original thought & back-up plan is recorded native american flute- looking for simple, single-note music to be played during sessions.

Cello is my hands-down all-time absolute favorite instrument- depth & purity of tone produced by cello is exactly what I have in mind....

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Post by flyingsoul » Mon Aug 14, 2006 2:55 pm

Hi Lance

i will be performing some butoh at centre cafe from 5 to 525pm on tuesday afternoon, as i was only given this slot today i have just begun to look for a musician to collaborate with. your music sounds perfect as accompanimnet to butoh dancing. i will be naked/semi naked on stage with my whole body covered in white clay. will be very slow and am looking for some surreal, bent sounds, anyhting that you feel moved to play would be awesome. i will probably have one or two very simple props on stage with me. lets collaborate.

hope you are interested



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