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Postby damon » 10 years ago

You killed me my friend@last Theatre Noir party in Detroit a while ago when I realized it's your bus (after telling you about my highlights of BM2005 for a few minutes).


Damon (Chicago). 8)

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Postby Elliot » 10 years ago

Lapeer: Eight days on the Playa and I failed to see your bus! Well, I'll catch you
next year. Mine made the trip fine, but still doesn't have all the "indoor plumbing".

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Postby BAS » 10 years ago

Hey, I saw the bus twice. Once when I was on my way somewhere, and once when the bus was leaving-- so I didn't get to stop and look inside. :( (In between the two times I had managed to forget where I was when I first saw the bus, darn it all!)

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