PeepShow MiniGolf seeks HOLES!!!!

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PeepShow MiniGolf seeks HOLES!!!!

Post by pollysuperstar » Fri Jul 21, 2006 11:46 am

We're inviting YOU to create yer very own hole and join us in Carny Town.

Peepshow minigolf is EXACTLY what it says. A miniature golf course with hot gogo dancers and strippers. With a carnival/ wild west/ surreal/ sideshow flava. CHECK IT OUT HERE HTTP://PEEPSHOWMINIGOLF.COM

Burningman. It's hot, it's dirty and mostly the music pretty much sucks, so why bother going?
Because we're HOT, we're durrrrrty, and we've got our own rockin music!!!!!

All live, all night, in your face, most of the time!!! Out on open playa in front of the Red Nose District

Your commitment to Peepshow Minigolf:

Build yer hole
Bring yer hole to Burningman and set it up
We will host yer balls and putters
IF YOU WANT, you can host yer hole
Otherwise, we will host it and you can PARTY
If you wanna keep it, take it away with you
If we wanna keep it, we'll take it away with us
If nobody wants it- WE BURN IT


1 clown lapdance
A presence on the PSMG website
A standing ovation
The chance to enter the PSMG tournament
All the clown hooch you can drink
VIP entrance into Carny Town after hours parties
A commemorative souvenir

To find out more about us go here
See the peepshow minigolf website here - scroll down and click on the link on the front page to find out about our plans for burningman[/img]

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Post by Ugly Dougly » Fri Jul 21, 2006 5:03 pm

Well, that's about demented, ain't it?


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