Feeling angelic thos year?

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Feeling angelic thos year?

Post by Rif » Sat Jul 29, 2006 6:27 pm

I have this concept for an easy art project, one that might have some quality impact, but without too much toil or potential for stress. (Drama is sooo 05). I'm really liking this years theme of Hope and Fear, as I've never felt so much hope, or experienced as much fear as I did in the last year. That kid in the cowboy hat really nailed it for me this time.

Personally, I'm over the whole fear thing. I'm just not going to let it play in my sandbox anymore. So I think it would be awesome if we could add in as much Hope as possible. So I'm going to throw this idea out there, and see if there's enough positive repsonse to invest the hopefully minimal effort to put it together.

What I'm seeing is this. About halfway through the temple burn, as people have quieted down and are making that realization that once again the week has flown by, and it's time for us all to return to the challenges of the "real" world. The one with all it's problems and responsibilities and people who won't smile at you or your bunny suit.

Just at this point, I see two long single lines of Burners dressed in all white, looking very Angelic, filing in from the south.

They carry unlit torches and fire swords, and are led by children.

At the base of the gathering, the two lines split off in opposite directions.

The lines encircle both sides of the crowd, (hopefully) meeting at 12 o clock. The "Angels" adjust them selves to form a balanced, even circle around the crowd.

The child leading us would at this point have her two fire swords lit, she raises them high above her head.

Then she lights the sword or torch or staff of the person on either side of her.

They in turn light the person next to them, then hold their fire high above their heads.

They crowd is rapidly encircled by a complete ring of fire, as if being watched over and protected by 500 guardian Angel warriors.

We stand strong, holding space for our extended family, until the swords and torches burn out.

We would have the option of redipping, or dispersing at this point to join our other loved ones. I'm voting for the latter at this point.

I think this might be a nice counterpoint to burn night, where the crowd encircles the fire performers.
I hope this creates a feeling of warmth and safety. A "Hey, we got your back" kinda feeling.

I know that sometimes when I see the burners that really embody a warrior archetype, it gives me a sense of comfort. Knowing that while we are a disparate community of hippies, ravers and trannies, shirtcockers, deathguilders and rangers, and the chipper little elves over at DPW, we are also a group that takes pride in taking care of our own. And that we have some badasses amongst us. We are not helpless little fringe dwellers. Burner is a classification that transcends so many labels and I for one am immensely proud of that.

So if you would be interested in being a part of this, let me know. I've promised myself that this year is to be a mostly play year in order to balance 05's 100 hour work week. But I'm really liking the imagery of this concept, and it seems like it might actually require little effort. (famous last words, I know).

All it would take to particpate is a fire tool and some fairly fire safe white clothes. Natural fibers are good.

You can make a sword or torch for about 5 bucks. You just get a length of wood or metal, wrap an end in a towel, spiral it down with bailing wire and you are finshed. I'm sure more info on that will be forth coming from the fire experts on that one, but it really can be that simple.

It would then just be a matter of meeting up just before the temple burns, and filing in. And it'll be who it'll be. No committments, no requirements other than a decent level of sobriety and the abilty to walk in a circle.

Let me know if you're interested.

Have the best Burn ever,


PS I'm specifically putting this out to all the Fire people, Woonami, El Circo, Freedom Community, Phoenix Projekt, LAFC, Everybody from the City of Angels, and anybody who has been feeling extra Angelic lately.

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diane o'thirst
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Post by diane o'thirst » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:17 am

I'm taking the midnight-to-three Angel shift at the Temple after the Man burns. I'd love to be a part of this project. What a beautiful concept.

Taking the liberty of forwarding your post to the Guardians of the Temple list.

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sounds fabulous

Post by squishelle » Sun Aug 13, 2006 9:17 am

i'm in for sure, also a temple guardian. keep us in the loop.
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Post by LeChatNoir » Sun Aug 13, 2006 10:16 am

Wonderful idea...
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