Playa Q's Iron Chef competition

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Playa Q's Iron Chef competition

Postby Cooky » Thu Aug 03, 2006 6:23 pm

PlayaQ Iron Chef Competition

The Q camp, home of PlayaQ multi-sensory performance art, is hosting a creative deviation of the now famous Iron Chef series.

Each day, at 2pm, the PlayaQ Culinary Laboratory and Dining Room located at 4:30 & Brave will host a competition that focuses on a single culinary entrée item. The schedule is as follows:

Monday Lobster Battle
Tuesday Smoked Meat Invitational
WednesdayCeviche Civil War
Thursday Vegan Salad Slaughter
Friday Pork Rib Smack Down
Saturday The Gumbo Conspiracy
Sunday Pulled Pork Pulled Pull Off

The Following Rules Outline the Competition:

1. Bribery of Judges is allowed and encouraged.
2. All contestants will present their food at 2:00 PM the day of the competition of judging.
3. All contestants must show receipts for proteins and produce purchased that is used in the competition.
4. All contestants not camping with the Q must report for competition registration on the day of the competition by 10am to the PlayaQ Culinary Laboratory.
5. All contestants camping with the Q must supply all culinary materials needed to prepare their entry.
6. All contestants must follow all standard health code rules as defined by the State of Nevada.
7. A complete ingredient list must be included with the entry.
8. No entries may contain illegal or illicit substances.
9. All entries must be served in burnable containers or contestants must be responsible for disposal of non-burnable containers.
10. All contestants must leave no trace in the PlayaQ Culinary Laboratory and Q camp.
11. All entries must include Playa Dust as an ingredient.
12. Special Considerations:
a. All cold items, such as Ceviche, must be brought for competition preparation at below 40 degrees.
b. All hot items must be served at a standard health code temperature of 140 degrees F or above.
c. Ceviche must be refrigerated in citric acid for a minimum of 24 hours prior to the competition.
d.All vegan entries must be 100% animal product free.
e.All entries requiring more than 4 hours to prepare must have documentation of their preparation if done at sites other than the PlayaQ Culinary Laboratory and all entries MUST be prepared on the Playa.
f.All subversive activities that do not in any way alter another competitor’s entries are allowed and encouraged.
g.Any activities that adversely affect another competitor’s entry will result in immediate disqualification and the competitor will be sent to the Uber Bar for proper punishment.

Judging Considerations

Each day, a committee of 5 judges will rate each entry in 3 categories. Each category will receive the following weight in vote tallying:
· Taste 60%
· Presentation 20%
· Showmanship 20%

Should a competition end in a draw, the Chairman of the judging committee will decide the winner.

A list of the daily judging committee will be posted in the PlayaQ Culinary Laboratory by 10am the day of the event.

The winner of the most daily competitions will receive the title of Grand PlayaQ Champion.

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