Burning SPorran Ceilidh returns

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Burning SPorran Ceilidh returns

Postby dougaldutch » Fri Aug 18, 2006 7:51 am

Burning Sporran Ceilidh

The traditional scottish dance that no-one can pronounce is back, thats right the Burning Sporran Ceilidh is returning to the playa. After the stunning success of last years ceilidh (no-one died) the Burning Sporran Ceilidh is back with more tartan, more whisky and more dances that defy gravity.

You are all cordially Invited


It is being held on Wednesday 30th August, early evening at the Black Rock International Burners Hostel which is situated at 9:00 & Chance . Come along no previous experienced required, bring booze, dancing shoes and a sense of rthymn if you have one; although not compulsory in anyway, I myself sold mine on ebay last year and have been able to ceilidh perfectly well ever since.

We are looking for some volunteers to learn a few dances before the evenings festivities start, last year taught us that we need more than 2 people who know the dances. So if you would like to help out let me know and we can arrange a training session, decent whisky is available as an incentive.

Sporrans, tartan, whisky (first come first served) and bagpipe banging tunes provided.

See you there

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