The Woman Burns Sunday Night! - How to personalize...

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The Woman Burns Sunday Night! - How to personalize...

Post by Glimmer » Mon Aug 21, 2006 9:24 am

On Saturday night in Black Rock City, The Man burns every year. On Sunday night in The Future, a pregnant Mother will burn right where he stood, to mourn the loss of her unborn child. Fire in the Belly ( is an interactive art installation my team is presenting at Burning Man this year.

We are placed at 8:30 and the Esplanade but it will be moved on Sunday afternoon and burned upon the Man platform at 8:00pm Sunday night.

Want to personalize this installation? If so, we suggest the following ways that may require some pre-planning....

*Write a letter to weave into the art or tuck into the body of the woman
*Bring burnable trinkets to leave upon the alters
*Bring a pen/paint and write a message/paint upon the structures
*coordinate with some friends a ritual or performance

We are open to having the installation space used as a performance platform of any type as long as it doesn't get burned prior to being moved ('cuz BM would never forgive us for scorching the playa...)

Where ever your journey takes you, I hope you have a fabulous burn!


PS: If you want to be involved in the initial installation that will occur Sat/Sun pre-event. We could also use assistance on Sunday starting at 1pm., Sept 3rd to move the three structures to the Man platform. Drop by the installation site on either occasion if you want to participate in this way.


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