Aerial Photographer AND pilot NEEDED thurs (8/31) afternoon!

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Aerial Photographer AND pilot NEEDED thurs (8/31) afternoon!

Post by gratidude » Tue Aug 22, 2006 12:54 pm

Help Create The World's Largest Spooning!

We will be gathering over 5000 BRC citizens on thursday afternoon for the World's Largest Spooning...they will be laying in a giant unbroken spiral on the playa at 4:30pm.

WE REALLY REALLY need the help of a photographer, experienced with aerial photography and his/her own gear (preferably med/lg format), tp photograph this human sculpture from the air.

WE also REALLY REALLY need the friendly services of a pilot to fly said photog that afternoon!

PLEASE HELP US! Can offer love, liscensing, and UNLIMITED FAME that (may) result from this work. Ummmm...I'd happily pay film/developing costs (unless digital), and possibly some other fantastic trade? Or GIFTING would make me super-grateful!

CONTACT ME: Gratidude: 503-916-9157 (only until wednesday afternoon, 8/23) NO EMAIL CONTACT AFTER tues, 8/22 (this post).

ON PLAYA: ASTRAL VORTEX 6:30/Eager the black steel spinning sculpture with red sails (early week).
or...Thurs dawn white procession (on stilts).

Also...see for our other meeting times:
# Tues afternoon.
# Thurs afternoon

Much love and I PRAY ffor your help!


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Post by PHOTOgeek » Tue Aug 22, 2006 9:50 pm

I'd be up for photographing.

Have a great burn!


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