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Postby metalface » Thu Sep 07, 2006 12:23 am

hahha, so this thing was a fuckin blast. despite whatever signs I never saw, and whatever "huge risk" we were taking, this art piece that never intended to be a ride... was infact quite one. during tipping a couple participants as well as a friend back and forth by pushing the concrete weights at the bottom .. we encounter the artist who was plastered and rode up in a beater yelling at us to get the fuck off his art piece cause we were fucking idiots. ironic enough he didn't understand how someone could fathom this shit being immediately interpretted for a ride, and yelling the same shitty explicites over and over again seemed to be the best way to communicate that. he even muscled up the brain to call my friend at the top a fratboy, for wearing plaid.. hahaha. anyhow, the rangers resolved the problem simply by being there, cause said artist was then quieter than death. i had a good laugh though.. maybe we should walk around in black so not as to be taken for a fratboy ;)

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