Thank you Piranha Bus

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Steel Kitty
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Thank you Piranha Bus

Postby Steel Kitty » 10 years ago

To the camp with the Red Piranha mutant school bus...

I didn't get the name of your camp (anyone, anyone?) but your DJ's rocked out an amazing set at the Man on Saturday. I can't thank you guys (and girls) enough for playing some amazing music during the burn. If I could get my hands on that track (or what you were playing that night, I could relive that moment in time!)

I know you worked hard to get your camp onto the Playa, and I'm forever grateful for making this year's burn one of the best.

SK :twisted:
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Your Welcome!

Postby shanol503 » 10 years ago

Thank you for your kind words! We did work extremely hard on our fish bus. Our work started in March and ended..well, it never really ended. But it was one of the most rewarding projects I have ever taken on.

We didn't really have a camp name. We're all from Portland Oregon.

We hope to rock it again on the Playa in the future. Hope you'll be there to enjoy our music once again.

Much love!

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Postby primate » 10 years ago

Uhmm, the name of your camp is Fishbus... That's all there is to it.
Accept it. See ya next year camp fishbus.
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