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improving the who what when where

Post by MBRC » Tue Dec 05, 2006 6:36 pm

hey people. the past few years, two of of my events have been incorrectly listed in the who what where when, causing a lot of confusion for the participants.

for those who dont know, submissions for the who what where are accepted online at once these submissions are made, they cannot be altered. then the borg gives initial approval of the listing and they are posted on the website. people are encouraged to review this listing for accuracy and email if there are changes. in my case, changes were made by the staff *after* i aprroved the online listing, to suit the print version. these changes altered the listing in a critical way. in 04 one of my events was listed in a village a mile away from the camp's actual location, and in 05 the event was listed on the wrong day.

i would like for people to be able to approve the final draft of the print version before it goes to press. i am interested in figuring out what would need to happen to make this possible. i am trying to compile some info (issues, suggestions) along with a regional rep for NYC, so if youve had an experience similar to mine, please message me or contact me at stacycats (at) missblackrockcity (dot) com

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