Can any body help me?

Can any body help me?

Postby nicdicdawg » Sat Feb 25, 2006 12:30 am

Hello fellow burners. I have become a stranded camper. I want to become more involved in a theme camp but do not know where to turn to?
The folks I have gone with for the last couple of years have abandoned our camp. I have gone it alone for the last three years, but I wish to become involved with a group. Does any body have room for me? I am fully self contained camper and I am looking for new friends. I live in a small river town in California between San Francisco and Sacremento. I am a steam fitter by day, and a pyromaniac by night. My trade allows me to work with fire and get paid for it! I look forward to the festival and with only six and a half months to go, I am becoming concernd with my prospects of joining up with a group of campers. I enjoy the rhythms of Mutator, the taste of Rum and truly believe that it is not art until it's on fire. I am looking for new friends to enjoy the festival with......Nickdicdawg pilot of the "Plane Insane".
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Postby PatternInterrupt » Sat Feb 25, 2006 4:52 am

Hello Nickdicdawg!

We are in the accelerated early stages of planning a camp / village. You sound like a piece to our puzzle. We only have one camp pyrotechnic wizard already. I'm sure that he would welcome collaboration!

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