THE NOW -- a convergence of camps for live music -- Join us!

THE NOW -- a convergence of camps for live music -- Join us!

Postby PatternInterrupt » Sat Feb 25, 2006 8:43 pm

Like Neal Cassady walking the train tracks, content to flip his sledge hammer, always searching for now... Now.. Now!

Welcome to The Now

The Bus Burners and Camp Skullfuck hereby join forces to realize a grand theme camp vision based on live performance. The focal point of the camp will be an outdoor stage with a big sound system.

The Now experience is not something that happened once in a computer or recording studio or on the set of a movie; everything around you is happening in The Now. This is yours forever -- the once and future now.

We envision all types of live musical and theatrical performances and ...?

Care to join us? Join our camp! Join The Now!

Here is a very tenative, incomplete, speculative list of The Now's assets thus far:
    ~ many beautiful people who laugh and run about like soft mad children
    ~ The Cool Bus (see pics at the bottom of this post) that will be the back wall of the stage
    ~ a 12'x24' stage and a huge PA sound system for outdoor performance
    ~ a medium-sized geodesic dome and a rope light sequencing system
    ~ a big U-Haul to transport things to and from Black Rock City and perhaps house generators
    ~ a few stage lights and a lighting board
    ~ a bar
    ~ a tower
    ~ fire effects and at least one resident pyrotechnic
    ~ a laser system
    ~ art projects and least one art car
    ~ the greatest shade structure the world has ever known
    ~ power tools galore and tons of playa building experience
    ~ a mailbox
    ~ bands, musicians, dj's, actors, and fire dancers

We're working on the layout of the camp right now and we'll submit our complete plans and questionnaire to the Borg well before the July 1st due date.

If the city plan stays relatively the same this year I envision our stage directly facing the man near the end of one of the "arms" ... maybe around 2:00 & Esplanade....

There will be live music and other performances for at least several hours every day. I imagine theatrical performances and solo musical acts early in the day and bands early in he night. Once the theme camp plan is solidified we'll start the scheduling process for The Now stage.

To realize this vision in its full potential, we are seeking enthusiastic participants to share in costs/labor/fun. Would you like to join us? The Bus Burners are scattered throughout the Los Angeles area and Ireland. Camp Skullfuck also has international membership and is mainly centered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you want to be a part of this, camp with us! Follow us! We know the way! And we make it up along the way!

What are your strengths, skills, and assets?

We've started a The Now Yahoo group where the bulk of the discussion and planning will take place.

The vision slowly comes into focus...



The Cool Bus will serve as the back wall of our stage.


Image of this posting....
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Welcome to The Now

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*BUB* stage demo

Postby Dreamkacher » Mon Feb 27, 2006 3:21 pm

Hiiya Dave,
This sounds terrif!
I am currently planning to camp with Hope Village, but we won't have a sound system at all, so doing a performance on your stage would be awesome.
I am starting *BUB*, the Bodhisattva University of Burlesque.
for more info, see discussion topic here:
THis is my projet site.
On with the burn!
in the dance,
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*B.U.B.*- the Boddhissattva University of Burlesque.
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Postby PatternInterrupt » Wed Mar 01, 2006 3:28 pm

Ah ha! It's all making sense now. I was wondering who the heck this strange person on Tribe was sending me a message. :)

Definitely you'll be welcome on our stage. Keep in touch about it and we'll also have a designated place for massages... 8)

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The Projects joins The Now!

Postby PatternInterrupt » Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:12 pm

Another camp has joined The Now!

The Projects, a group of fine folks centered around Venice, CA, have decided to join us! Feel free to say hi! Here are just a few of the members, in girl-girl-boy order:

Odi - ... b0a6edd27f

Brookelyn -

Antonio -

Katie - ... dddc86e354

Sonya -

Richie - profile: ... 0b46d3b611

Love, Dave

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Postby Ink_Burn » Tue Mar 28, 2006 1:52 pm

Sounds pretty slick!
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Postby artjackson » Sat Apr 22, 2006 7:36 am

Hey PatternInterrupt, I am very interested in your camp this year, I have a dj and guitar duo act who are going to this years festival to I guess "become one with nature," they are really wanting to do a live performance, we can bring fog machines and a few stage effects, guitar rig and full macintosh/mbox dj rig, does not take up much space. If you have space for them to perform, check out their music-

also we would be glad to fill in any holes you may have in the area of supplies! thanks alot!
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The Now is swallowed alive by the Red Nose District!

Postby PatternInterrupt » Mon Jun 05, 2006 4:19 pm

In a wild and bizarre turn of events, The Now will join forces with the Red Nose Distict this year at Black Rock City!

More information to follow...

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i know it's a live thing, but...

Postby KiaOra » Wed Jun 07, 2006 12:00 pm

my friends and i are looking for a strongly music and performance-related theme camp to join up with. we(and hopefully, others who want to contribute), want to set up a small recording studio (preferrably in a dome, to keep everything clean, but we're from the east coast, so we were hoping someone would want to join us and contribute that). The basic idea is that anyone who wants to participate can have about 20 minutes in our "studio" to record anything they want. music, poetry, conversation, random sounds, etc. At the time of recording, they would fill out an envelope with their playa address, and we would burn the cd and send it to them shortly. They can keep it forever, burn it at the end of the week, or do whatever they want with it, we just want everyone to enjoy it. We thought THE NOW camp would be a great place to organise this, since there will be performers abound.

Do you think we could set up shop in your camp?
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Postby Chilly296 » Fri Jun 09, 2006 11:11 pm

Hey there...
I've been trying to find THE NOW yahoo group, but have been unsuccessful. I am really interested in joing the camp and would love to know more about dues and volunteer stuff and such. Could you message me a link or some info some time? Thanks.

Hope this finds you feeling happy and healthy.

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