artist in search for a groovy camp to collaborate with.

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artist in search for a groovy camp to collaborate with.

Postby zanne » 10 years ago

I can be charming, inquistive, loving, inspiring, creative, red. But most of all, I am a work in progress. So I can't guarantee unexpected things might occure.
it's all good
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who wants to colaborate with me

it seemed appropriate at the time
they never suspected a thing.

by Lance Robotson

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Postby freakersedge » 10 years ago

If push came to shove, what sort of camp would you be willing to art in? I want a tent that moves to the weather but stays in one place. Can it be done without marring the playa serface? I believe so, you have the support poles hooked up right, they should bend to the weather and reform but one needs to set the limit on how far they can bend too, then what if we never get any wind? I don't think I have ever been on the playa when there isn't some wind. Has anybody? I am speaking in a 24 hour period, by the way. Mornings are special, and not to be confused with a full day.


One year at the spinning rock, I suggested that if it turned fast enough you would hear it sing and somebody tried to make it move faster, was I mean? My partner told him I was just joking, did he blow my cover?
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Postby BoxaRox » 10 years ago

Burma Shave.

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