Take on me BreakBeat RMX...Crazy Acid Freakout

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Take on me BreakBeat RMX...Crazy Acid Freakout

Post by iLikeWeen » Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:41 pm

I was wondering if anyone was @ a camp on the Esplanade on Wednesday(i think) during the night time and heard a very evilicious breakbeat remix of Take On Me.

As I left this camp I witnessed a very frightening incident involving a man ontop of another man in a strangling position with 4 rangers/officers shining lights on them. The man ontop was shreiking the most horribly frightening screams at the person below him and noone knew what to do. I stood there wondering how to help but it seemed like more officer/rangers were arriving...

If anyone knows if these two men are alright let me know. And also, I would love to know what song this was or whos live P.A. it came from!!!!

another hint......the camp was a dome shape and they had scaffolding outside with speakers directed towards the dome.


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