Crazy Horse, home of Pyramix

Lee Hain
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Crazy Horse, home of Pyramix

Postby Lee Hain » 10 years ago

Yehawww, 2006 Rocked! We had the best time with the maiden voyage of Pyramix (26 foot rolling pyramid made from a Ford Thunderbird). Thanks to all our special riders and crew members, give us a shout out.

We'll be back next year bigger and better, and yes we will shoot fire and have frickin lazers :twisted:

-Lee Ballzak Chester Race Chidgey.

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Howdy guys!

Postby Chucky » 10 years ago

Me and me sis got back to london about 6 hours ago. What an anticlimax...they made us wait 8 hours for our plane and then lost our bag!! So reality is sucking big time at the moment.

So we've just been attempting to hold onto the memories of Burning Man for as long as is possible. Found a picture of yer ride, think it was taken on that brilliant day of cruising we did. I'm sure there'll be many many more where that came from.

Anyways, will email you the link of my photos when I get them up.

Chucky x

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