Post-playa maintenance?

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Post-playa maintenance?

Post by sparr » Wed May 16, 2018 6:49 pm

After bringing a big vehicle home from the playa, what sort of maintenance do you do? I'm already planning to replace all the filters and some of the fluids. Are there particular other less obvious places you look for playa dust having snuck in?
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Re: Post-playa maintenance?

Post by ygmir » Thu May 17, 2018 6:20 am

my biggest issue, and it's more long term, is corroded electrical connections.
Too late, I found a marine spray, that seals them against salt water, so, I'd imagine it's good for dust.
Bare metal will rust.
I don't see the reason, to change fluids outside of regular intervals. Your engine etc. is sealed.
Air filter, sure.
And climate control system.

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Re: Post-playa maintenance?

Post by Molotov » Thu May 17, 2018 10:50 am

I change my air filter out on my 1/2 ton Ecodiesel in Fernley right after I come off the playa. I coordinate my oil changes so a change is due when I return home to Texas.

Unfortunately my truck has a black interior. so I drape everything in old sheets, including the dashboard with a little opening to see the speedometer. I wad the dusty sheets up off playa, put them in a plastic bag, and run them through a laundromat with vinegar, then store them for next year.

I hit the self-service car wash in Fernley and knock the big chunks off, including the undercarriage, then give it a good deep clean when I get home. Burners will always recognize a dusty playa truck and strike up a conversation, even as far away as Minnesota when I take a roundabout road trip on the way home.

This will be the third year on the playa for this truck, and two other trips in another Dodge diesel 3/4 ton and I have had no mechanical or electrical issues. I just try not to open the doors of the truck on dusty days on the playa, which goes a long way to keeping things clean. The billowing dust clouds from dusty trucks going down the interstate outbound is always impressive.

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