Kid-friendly camp looking for a few more camp mates

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Kid-friendly camp looking for a few more camp mates

Post by jsg92107 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:53 am

The Association for Sparkle Pony Care and Assistance (ASPCA) is a new camp, placed out in the burbs (8:45 and J), but we are excited and will do awesome things!

Due to some recent life events, a few of our campmates have had to pull out. So we now have space for two adults and two kids/youth if anyone is looking for a camp! We'd prefer people who can come for set-up and stay through tear down, but we are flexible. For more information and contacts, see our Facebook group:

We do not have extra tickets, but we do have work access passes (WAPs) for folks to come early and help with build.


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