Seaking owner and photographer of "Burnfinity"

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Seaking owner and photographer of "Burnfinity"

Postby Lorgasm » Fri Sep 26, 2003 10:19 am

:lol: Hi. My boyfriend and I were camped next to a killer installation piece called "Burnfinity". The owners/our neighbors were taking pix of burners with Burnfinity. I would like to obtain (if I could) a photo they took of me and my beloved. His backpack was taken and all his film and his camera was in it. We do not have any pix of us at Burningman (sniffle, sniffle). My boyfriend has a mohawk with asymetrical designs. I am a short girl with short hair. One of the burners at Burnfinity told me it was her Birthday. I hope we can find you folks. You just may possess the only Burningman photo of us. I will pay for delivery and what-not. I would deeply appreciate it. Your art was great and so was your sheep.
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