Quasi-Write, New Art Install Proposal

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Quasi-Write, New Art Install Proposal

Post by EricMagic » Sun Jul 10, 2005 11:18 am

New Quasi-Write Art Project - If interested in helping with either supplies, maintaining it, the initial design, or the whole thing please contact me.

Tentative Title: Spontaneous Inspiration Creation Contemplation ,

Objectives: Massive participatory writing, sketch, new ideas project, with some basic organization, and basic guidelines. Encourage spontaneous writing on most anything. Final collection of all writings / sketches to be made available either in print or internet.

Concept: A small medium comfortable hut with 6 different sections for writing and drawing and then securing of these items. Each section is dedicated to a type of writing or drawing, such as 1. Poems, 2. Short Stories, 3. Philosophy, Views, or Feelings, 4. Sketches, Cartoons, or Drawings, 5. Questions & Quotes, 6. Complaints, Suggestions, or Abstract Graffiti.

Feel free to write or draw most anything you like, but try to keep the scope within one of the six categories.
Avoid being a writer hog, so it is suggested to write no more than one page at a time of 1 hour. No Plagiarism. Everyone is encouraged to sign her or his work. Notice that the work may be reproduced within a book or on an internet site that is approved by Burning Man Inc.

Physical Structure: Aprox 10 ft diameter tent/dome for shade, and unique table in the center, and about four tables to the side to make sure everyone can be accommodated. Basic overheard view of table is a large hexagon in center for participants to write or draw., but the each section will spiral, with one section low going to the next section on up to the top section.

Install Logistics: Dome, unique tables, locked boxes to hold completed works, generator, lighting, and signs of guidelines and instructions, and decorations.

Maintenance Logistics: Keep the generator running at night for lights, straighten the place, and secure any completed works.

Take Down Logistics: Take everything down, and put the place back like it was.

Notes: Since this is late in the year (July 9, 05), this may be something to plan for in 2006, but if we can do it this year without too much hassle that would be better. Need to submit Art Install App before July 15, 2005 to put on the Art Playa; or this may be put near a Theme Camp.
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