FOUND: 2 Bikes (originally from Road Rage on 7th & Folso

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FOUND: 2 Bikes (originally from Road Rage on 7th & Folso

Postby triphux » Fri Sep 19, 2003 6:07 pm

I'm guessing that someone 'joy rode' these and then dumped them in our camp the night of the burn. They are of similar color, and the same make, though not the same frame deisgn. They both have stickers from the bike store in the SF area called "Road Rage" (7th & Folsom).

We tried, unsuccessfully, to find the rightful owners. We have them now and if you can describe these 2 bikes, make, model, color, stickers, accessories, etc. we will return them with a tear in our eye.

In the mean time they are being enjoyed and looked after.


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