Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, San Jose-lets get together!

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Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, San Jose-lets get together!

Postby Lo5150 » 13 years ago

I am dying to get together with burners more often. I live in the Santa Cruz mountains on 5 acres. Anyway, email me if you want to hang out and party or whatever.
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Postby Guest » 13 years ago

How are you feeling Lorie? Are things going better for you?

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Yonder Burn
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I'm on for get together

Postby Yonder Burn » 13 years ago

Hello there Lorie - I am on for getting together with some burners like you. Are you still looking for Burner friends? - I am in your area in early to mid Dec...soon! Would love to connect.

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Lorie on 5 acres of heaven

Postby silvertip » 13 years ago

Hi Lorie,
Just checking in to the e playa and saw your post. I live in Boulder Creek and went to Bunring Man last two years. Have you found many other BC Burners? Let me know if you all are getting together again. We probably know each others friends, if not each other!

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Postby actiongrl » 13 years ago

try: Santacruz at burningman.com :)

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