Circus on the Playa!!!

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Circus on the Playa!!!

Postby Spark » 9 years ago

Hello Fellow Burners!

This is Spark from Calgary, Canada! I missed last year's burn because I was in the UK training at the Circomedia school of Circus Arts. I do silks and chorde lisse, a bit of hoop and cloud swing. I'm looking for other circus people...I want to meet you and get to know others in the North American industry. Or even with other circus people, perform some pieces and help with workshops. Awesome! I look forward to hearing from you!!!!


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Postby trilobyte » 9 years ago

Look around for information about the Red Nose District. I suspect you'd enjoy everything about that village, and won't have much trouble finding like-minded people to camp with :-)

Red Nose District


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Postby Finnegan » 9 years ago

Red Nose District looks amazing! Will there be circus clown vs. rodeo clown fights?
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Oh my god my prayers are answered!

Postby Spark » 9 years ago

Holy about MANIFESTATION!!!!! My lord, I'm as happy as an aerialist in silks! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

lothos 1162
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circus peeps

Postby lothos 1162 » 9 years ago

If I see 1 clown on the playa,I'll run it over with my golf cart.

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Postby skibear » 9 years ago

The whole scene resembles a circus !

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Postby Ugly Dougly » 9 years ago

You're all a bunch of clowns.

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Postby wedeliver » 9 years ago

can't sleep, the clowns will eat me.
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The Hosh
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Postby The Hosh » 9 years ago

Calgary, huh?

This'll be my second burn and I too have decided to join RND. I'll be driving down from Whitehorse (Yukon) and on the way back I'll be making a detour through Calgary... wanna race?

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have plans to rock the RND!!!!

Postby DJBiggaman » 9 years ago

Bring out the clown....these guys rule.. hope i get to play the RND stages like last year!

dr techno
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Come play at Technomania if you like

Postby dr techno » 9 years ago

HI spark
Any & all circus peeps are welcome to come on over wed night after dark for Technomania Circus; got an act?<we'll put you in
we 're blacklight oriented
come by sooner of course anytime you'd like
located in Illumination Village, look for the village map at the village entrance
to main cul de sac
Dr Techno
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