Smart noobie question?...

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Smart noobie question?...

Postby Stray » 8 years ago

Hey, (rhetorically) What do greeters do? Who are greeters? Can I become a greeter? Are greeters edible? How many in a balanced diet?

Eat safe - use condiments...

I wouldn't be a greeter, but I hope my friends are so I can smuggle in my BUS FULL OF CHIHUAHUAS... Is this humanitarian?

Seriously don't bring dogs to the playa...

"playa' play on"
~Geto boys

This 100th post is dedicated to chihuahuas and The Geto Boys
I can't recall anything.
But I can call again and again until they pick up.

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Postby AntiM » 8 years ago

You are confusing The Gate and The Greeters. The Gate is all business, they check tickets, inspect for stow-aways and such. Greeters are further down the line, they greet you and hand you your map and WWW, Spanks on the ass, optional.

Noting the serious tone of my reply ... that's for the truly earnest newb scouring these boards for information.

Chihuahuas are allowed if filleted and wrapped in bacon first, to be grilled later. Yum, tasty. Not humanitarian at all, I don't eat humans. Unless they ask nicely.

Poke me to experience my gooey insides!

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Postby mojo » 8 years ago

The serious side of Greeter's is:

1) To be sure you have been drilled in knowing not to put anything in the porta-potties other than one - ply.

2) To give you advice to keep you safe and well

3) To drink your alcohol, answer your questions, and help you find your theme camp (if you are camping with one).

Of course Greeters are edible -

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Postby Barbie » 8 years ago

Greeting Is SUPER FUN!!!!!! Lots of swag, and gifts you get to meet the alot of the people in the City... People reconize you thur out the week- always great to have some, VIrgin run up to ya and tell ya THANK YOU and all about their week...

I would love some bacon wrapped Chihuahuas...
oh yes!! Greeters are very tasty indeed... I would say at least three are needed thur out the week to maintain a balanced diet....

We would love to have you join us in the greeters area!!!!
If I were to wish ANYTHING I'd wish I were ME!!

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