Actors going to the BM?

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Actors going to the BM?

Postby wanderself » Sun Feb 29, 2004 12:21 am


we are shooting a short this summer at the Burning Man (we are arranging the shooting permit at the moment) and we were wondering whether there were any actors
thinking of going to the Festival this August who would like to
use the trip to be part of our film. It is a very interesting
and demanding script that has got a few awards in Europe. We are
looking for two characters: a man in his early 30s/late 20s (in
the script long hair and beard -- not essential at all), and a
fifty-something old man who in the script would be a native
american (again, this is not essential, but we are looking for
an interesting face).

Obviously the Burning Man festival is there to be enjoyed rather
than working, so the shooting would take very little time, two
days at the most.

If you are an actor going to the BM and would like to join our
project please let us know so we could meet up and talk about
the script.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jonathan Mason/Daniel Polanco
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Postby samtzu » Sun Apr 25, 2004 6:48 am

Posted an answer on the other thread... sent an email... My son (23) and I(57) are interested. We have extensive stage work, Shakespeare to Ives, and are going to the Burn for the first time. Let us know. I will watch these threads.

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Postby Guest » Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:27 am

Hey guys Image

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