Who wants to hear Tool @ 80,000 watts?

White Rabbit
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Who wants to hear Tool @ 80,000 watts?

Postby White Rabbit » 7 years ago

That's right the White Rabbit is bringing an 80,000 watt sound system to the Playa and on thursday night at midnight I will be playing an hour of my favorite Tool songs. Look for the 60' Black light fish called the "Ichthys", tell 'em Rabbit sent ya!

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Postby Stickygreen » 7 years ago

now this sounds good!

black light fish, I'm there!

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Postby bbYd011 » 7 years ago

Is the Ichthys an art car?

And did you perhaps volunteer some musical happenings the year of the Green Man for one of the radio stations? An hour of the bestest Tool songs later in the week, later in the day?
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Postby Zim » 7 years ago

Sounds good! I'll look for you on Thursday!!!

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