Ever gone to burningman when you are still sick?

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Ever gone to burningman when you are still sick?

Postby Niosh » 7 years ago

I've had a cough for 3 weeks and figured it was just bronchitis but finally got around to going to the doctor and it's walking pneumonia :-( I've got 2 more days of antibiotics. I was planning on leaving in one week, next Sunday, but not actually arriving on the playa until Tues or Wed. I am hoping I feel tip-top by then but I know I'll still have to take it easy this year. I'm not 100% sure I'm going at this point.

Has anyone gone to a burn where they were at the tail-end of something serious like this, and if so how did it go? I have some friends saying "the desert will heal you" and others that say "the dust will be bad for it".

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Postby Oldguy » 7 years ago

Ask your doctor when it will safe for you to travel, not us. Get some rest. Take it easy if you do decide to come. Medical clinic is placed at Evolution and 1:15 this year.

Perhaps you can get a tank of supplemental oxygen or an oxygen concentrating machine, like the gamblers in Reno use for altitude sickness.
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Postby OnceTheDustClears » 7 years ago

Plan on going.
You'll probably feel better in a week and a half and if you really feel lousy
you can cancel then.
I'd rather go and be a little more low key then sit at home wishing I was there.
And you can always go home early if it's just not working out.

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Postby AntiM » 7 years ago

You can do it if you have a good support system and rest ... and know you're taking a risk. Have a bail out plan if you need to leave. Yes, the dust could be a Bad Thing. I don't think it will kill you, but I'm not a medical professional. Your decision.

I went two days after finishing radiation. Sure, I spent a lot of time in Totem's cool tent and was taking painkillers the whole week, but to me, a bad day at Burning Man is still better than a good day almost anywhere else.

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Postby theCryptofishist » 7 years ago

How do you think I got the playa name Typhoid Mary?
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Postby spectabillis » 7 years ago

definately - take dust masks

I have some friends saying "the desert will heal you" ...

spiritualists, and probably not ones found passed out and sunburned from dehydration/heat exhaustion in the open areas of the playa

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Postby Sham » 7 years ago

Last year I was at a hotel in Reno and had one of those horrible fevers you only get every 5 years. I was so miserable and hot, that I decided that if I didn't feel better, I was going stay at the hotel for the week. My camp mate went to the drug store and got me all sorts of liquids and pills to take. In the middle of the night my fever broke and I was fine the next morning.

The point of my story is---well I don't know the point, just pack your shit and go. It will all work out for you!

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Postby Kinetik V » 7 years ago

A full week for the antibiotics to do their thing coupled with the adrenaline spike you're going to get from going...and the emotional bump you'll get from being in BRC...and factor in the increased sunlight exposure...barring the unforseen, I'd go as you should be healed up or well on your way by the first day of being in BRC. Of course I'm no doctor, YMMV, don't sue me if you go and get sick again. N95 dust masks are your friend. Buy them in the 10 pack.
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Playa Tom
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Postby Playa Tom » 7 years ago

One year I was so sick I was in an iron lung. I had to bring a generator to keep it going and two nurses. At least the playa was really hard so it was easy to push me around.

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Postby oneeyeddick » 7 years ago

The night before I left last year, my temp was 103.5.

for two days , I was at 101.5 or so, then it broke, but the cough persisted for the duration.

Bring a lot of cough drops.

By thursday, I was writing what I had to say on a piece of paper...vocal capability was gone by then.

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Postby trystanthegypsy » 7 years ago

I have a cold comin on now.. Im takin a day or two off and drinking lots of fluid. its my first year i cant be sick!

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Postby Smallfry » 7 years ago

You'll survive! I went last year still on antibiotics for strep throat. I got prescribed them about 4 days before I left for the playa. I had to keep taking them the entire time, but I had an absolute blast! Just keep 'em in your bag, stay hydrated, and you'll probably be fine. :)

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Postby awuser896 » 7 years ago

I was sick when i got there, but somehow got better real fast.

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Galaxo Magic
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Postby Galaxo Magic » 7 years ago

In 2002 I was very sick in the days leading to us leaving. Driving up was miserable but within a day of being in the dry heat I started feeling better. Just know that you have to pace yourself.

In 1999 our campmate broke his shoulder but came anyways. He sat in camp on tons of Vicodins or davacets and laughed and smiled a lot. He said it best, the worst day at Burningman is better than the best day at home in bed.

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Postby 303jewels » 7 years ago

Yep, flew solo from England with a broken toe for 2009, my first burn.
Didn't have the luxury of a bike so walked about.
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Postby Sensei » 7 years ago

So, anyone know if the o.p. went tits up or not?

Just curious.

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