Anyone else getting PM SPAMMED?

We're doing it wrong...we know
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Anyone else getting PM SPAMMED?

Post by Tricky » Wed Jul 14, 2004 12:58 pm

hey I just got a PM out of the blue from garyglows
that said...
Hey Hows it goin.. We are located in Menlo Park. Please feel free to stop in to take a look at our products.

Gary @ Liquid Light
1-800-228-6890 ext 2141
his other 3 posts consist of:
Glow Sticks, Necklaces& Bracelets.
Battery LED Flashing Blinking strobing toys.
We welcome all of you to check out our warehouse.
Our Web Site is HORRIBLE.. But check it out anyway. www.liquidligh ...
But as all the "True BMers want.. I wont advertise here,, Special thanks out to BADGER Your special.. LOL, Kinetic2 super cool, and spyral your the greatest.. LOL best really goes out to angry butterf ...
While the quotes are incomplete they seem like pretty shameless SPAM posts... Is there a means by which this person can be stopped or perhaps banned?

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Jus Say Ventura
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Post by Jus Say Ventura » Wed Jul 14, 2004 1:26 pm

And He's Pinned!
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emily sparkle
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i warned him...

Post by emily sparkle » Wed Jul 14, 2004 5:42 pm

I sent him a warning earlier this evening for an advertising post that I deleted notifying him of the terms of service violation. If anyone else gets spammed please contact the admin.
:) emily sparkle
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