Art piece name?? - Deep playa rings of light

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Art piece name?? - Deep playa rings of light

Postby nratzan » Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:42 pm


Did anyone see that sculpture in the deep playa that was a series of 6 foot rings lined with LEDs? The rings were standing up on their edges in a long tunnel shape. As you moved around the sculpture, different shapes of light were visible because of the rings being placed on the inside edge of the otherwise opaque rings.

Anyway, I loved this piece and wanted to get in touch with it's creator to talk about design. Anyone know the piece's name or the artist? If not, does anyone know of a map of Burning Man art pieces, at least the major ones? Maybe Artery made one, but I haven't found one so far. Anything that helps me contact the artist would help. Thanks!

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