Missed Connections 2011

Temple of Boom - After Man Burn

Postby HippyLabRat » Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:39 pm

Oh my god, you beautiful dark haired woman... and your perfect smile. We danced for about 10 minutes together. I was in a smiley face thermal and had a black paisley bandanna for my dust mask, oh... and I had on glasses. You all but tackle-hugged me when you left. I think you mentioned something about my dancing. You left with your friends to get snacks and water but never came back. I went to the Ganesh (the Elephant with the cages on it) and tried to see if I could see you return to the crowd, but I never found you. Here's to hoping!

On top of the Ganesh after I had given up looking for Melody, I met you. You said you had just finished a computer engineering degree in Indiana and were returning to the DC area for work until you decided exactly what you wanted to do for Grad School. My nerd buddy! We shared information about our substances of choice for the night, and sat and talked for a while about a little bit of everything. Would love to find you again and keep in touch.
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Re: Missed Connections 2011

Postby joyscout » Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:02 pm

Joy missed connecting with you, the tall Russian guy from New York who once lived in Salt Lake city. We meet on Ghanesh, the Salt Lake city art car.
The night the Trojan horse was burned.

I missed you
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Re: Missed Connections 2011

Postby E.H. » Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:36 pm

Michigan Girl!!!! 5:30 & D (I think)))
Well this is a long shot..
Friday night (the night they burned the Trojan Horse), we mat at the “Question Mark”.. We danced for a few hours till almost sunrise and then went to watch the sunrise from the temple. Afterwards we went into the temple and you cried in my arms for a long time (you were mourning someone close to you).. I forgot your name (sorry), remembered your camp location (I think it was 5:30 & D) but couldn’t find you again. That nights experience with you was very intense and I really hope to hear from you again (or someone that can help me find you).. :)
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Re: Missed Connections 2011

Postby Keeper99 » Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:48 am

NutmegBasil wrote:Do NOT let those kinds of things go. Make a fucking scene girl. Get upset. Tell someone. Moving away only lets that man run wild amongst our city to do those things to other women. I am SO sorry you had that experience. Get a ranger next time. I'm sure they would handle him well.

I am SO sorry that you had to have this experience in Our Fair City. As a man, I'm doubly sorry. And though I'm not even REMOTELY saying you didn't handle the situation properly, I would like to encourage anyone facing a similar situation to make a scene or come up to the Cafe(where I work every year) or appeal for assistance from anyone nearby. I would have been sure to have him arrested. Even if I had to drag his unconscious body to a ranger myself. I am so sorry for your experience.
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Re: Missed Connections 2011

Postby part.of.the.future » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:52 am

Joseph (Josef?) from Vienna, Austria,

We met one night at Center Camp during Burning Man 2011. I was sitting with two friends and you came up and sat next to me. My name is Sarah, and you gave me a little blue rock. I know that it is unlikely to contact someone from such an event, but I thought I'd try. We had a wonderful conversation and witnessed someone get taken away on a stretcher. You handed me your cashmere sweater when I got cold. You said it was your first Burn and that a friend had purchased you a ticket.
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Re: Missed Connections 2011

Postby Tiaah » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:30 pm

It was Sunday afternoon, we were waiting in line to get into BM. You and your friends hollered out your window and we decided to playfully 'race' you to the gates, but we lost you by the end of the night waiting in line. I believe your name was Liz, you had cornrows and were part of a threesome of talented girl hoola-hoopers. You told us to find you at question mark camp, yet we couldn't find you guys! I hope your first burn was as incredible as ours turned out to be, and I definitely missed out on some great hoola lessons!
I'd love to arrange to meet you this year :)
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Re: Missed Connections 2011

Postby Katiebaby25 » Tue Jan 10, 2012 4:24 pm

I would love to reconnect with the couple from Ontario that we met in Winnemucca the night before the Burn. They arrived at the hotel quite late and we saw them in the parking lot... I'm not even sure how we started talking but we soon discovered that they were fellow Canadians and that they were also first time Burners. We told them where our Theme Camp was located and invited them to the Space Gnomes Red and White party on Tuesday night. The next day (Tuesday) they walked into our dome and sat down and it took us a few minutes to realize who they were though we knew they looked familiar. Once we figured it out we gave them some beers and we hung out for a bit before going our separate ways and then they came to our Red and White party that night. After seeing them so many times I feel awful that I don't remember their names... her's was something unique and quite beautiful... but for some reason my mind is blank. I guess it did all happen at the beginning of the week and it all tends to get blurrier as time goes on ;) They were two of the first Burners that we met on our trip and they were really awesome people. If you guys are on eplaya I hope we find eachother! Would love to see you guys again this year!
Space Gnomes <;)
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