Reformata Camp Fundraiser in Brooklyn June 2nd

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Reformata Camp Fundraiser in Brooklyn June 2nd

Post by Brandon » Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:12 am

Hello adventurers of new realms.

Reformata joins NYrvana village at Burning Man this year, and we are celebrating with a multifaceted event with help from burners country wide.
There will be 2 rooms of music, indoor and outdoor space, and a huge cushiony lounge, read below to wet your appetite.
And please if possible, get involved, volunteer to help, perform or spread the love!

A new experience awaits you. This is more than mere music and decorations: engage in a world unknown and interact with mythical creatures in our very own fairy tale of the present that takes place over this seven hour event.

On this beautiful summer night you will be woven into a tale of epic proportions. A tale of curious adventures across wondrous and far away lands. It is the classic conflict of good versus evil! A benevolent king, a princess with an oh-so-interesting curse, a brave hero, and an evil villain who, if he had his way, would silence the land for eternity. As your imagination runs wild let your body follow its lead. While we spin stories filled with bravery and bewilderment , bards from every corner of the kingdom will spin tracks filled with the hottest beats and the heaviest bass. While the journey unfolds before you, make sure to have yourself one of our special drink me's that will make you feel at least 20 feet tall or an eat me that will have you riding lady bugs from room to room. By the middle of the night you won't be sure if you've grown, shrunk, or stopped somewhere in the middle!

Get Involved/Volunteer here -- >

The 'Story' begins at 11:00pm... It is best to be there before it starts so you can settle in to the spirit of adventure, but you will be swept into the story as an active participant no matter what time you arrive!

2 Rooms of danceable and experimental music by:
Moon Hooch (New York)
Kool Karlo (Damn Gina! | SF)
mystr/htcht (Dusty Rhino | SF)
Alex Funk (Heathens | Baltimore)
Tumelo (Cumba Mela | New York)
Been Jammin' (Brooklyn)
EZ Almighty (Space Pirates / Disorient | Philadelphia)
RPM (Infinity Charm, New York)
Nixie (New York)
DK (Kostume Kult | Toad | NYC)

An array of visual art and interactive performances throughout the night.
Decor built by some of the finest Artists NYC has to offer including...
The Poppy Fields:
Feeling tired? Has all the adventure and excitement worn you out? At the top of a mountain in the far reaches of the land is a lush field full of seductively comfortable poppies. Lay back and relax as you are lulled into a sweet sense of serenity. In the distance you can see an abandoned kingdom, so beautiful it has been said it was built with emeralds. None who have ventured there have returned... and the few who have been found in the fields claim it was the best rest they've ever had. Some say if you look carefully, and wait patiently, you can see horses running free in the fields. To this day no one can say for sure what color they are.

Villain, troll, be a giant or be a tiny little creature. A prince or a princess, a hero or a heroine... or let a dream inspire your own creation!

If you need a little last minute touch ups or inspiration our bodypainters will take care of you!
Provided by: Vann Godfrey and Transformational Bodypainting

Inexpensive drinks as well as some top notch drink me's and eat me's that change to match the story being played out.

(Reformata hates overcrowded parties, tickets will be limited, buy yours online now!) ----->
$15 Tier One (limited)
$20 Tier Two

$25 Door (dressed for the theme)
$30 Door (street clothes)
*This event is 21 and up and goes till 5am

we love your input and support!! Join the Reformata family and help us show you the time of your lives!!

This is one of many events by Reformata. We renew your event expectations and all profits go towards art and art cars for Burning Man. We encourage you to ask us about our projects and where the money goes!

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