best tent for wind

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best tent for wind

Postby annie87 » 4 years ago

hello i have been looking at several tents mainly for a common area/ kitchen for our camp and i came across a teepee style tent that looks promising and not very expensive. My main question is wind resistance and if it will hold up here is the link. This is my first burn and would really like some feedback from veterans. Thank you ... 1196wt_932

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Re: best tent for wind

Postby AntiM » 4 years ago

Looks like it has a lot of open mesh, which would fill it with dust. Looks more like a personal tent than a common area tent to me.

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Re: best tent for wind

Postby TomServo » 4 years ago

For a small group I think it'd work. Just not very much headroom. As far as wind... It has few parts, which is good. But, I would bring a replacement center pole. Maybe one inch conduit, capped on both ends. Also id reinforce the tie Downs.
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Re: best tent for wind

Postby Bob » 4 years ago

Same company makes a similar 18 x 18 tent. They don't look any worse than other bargain tents.
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Re: best tent for wind

Postby Boijoy » 4 years ago

My 2cents. this looks like an "ok" personal tent. cons. for a common area. the center pole seems thin & would be akward for moving around.
you may only be able to stand upright in the center. its made of nylon so it will be hot as hell after about 9 am. & there is no way I would cook in a tent like that. I would recommed a secured heavy duty ez up with sides or the trust' ol costco carport ( with sides ) if you can transport it out there.
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Re: best tent for wind

Postby Savannah » 4 years ago

I don't know anyone with the teepee. I recommend you have your kitchen and common area shaded, but not "inside". I've never seen anyone cook in a tent (fire hazard) but under shade of varying kinds with a fire extinguisher handy, sure. Put vehicles to the SW of your shade and tent. Blocks wind, makes a wall; more airflow. Tents are oppressively hot between 8:00am and 4:00pm unless you have a swamp cooler; see the Swamp Cooler thread.

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A similar tent: the Sportman's Guide Single Pole Wigwam tent (on the site Bob linked) has been aces, for me. For sleeping and keeping my things in. Sew the upper vents closed, and keep the window zipped shut, and you're in business. It goes up easier than any tent I've ever had, and survived 3 Burns, including some rain and gusting. I use 10" Coleman stakes with it. Your experience could differ. (I keep a roll of plastic around though, just in case, in case I want to cover my bedding.) Would it have survived the two 8-hour windstorms in 2008? I don't know. Then again, my cheap $40 dome tent survived the 2008 storms just fine, staked down extremely well, mind you.
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Re: best tent for wind

Postby C187 » 4 years ago

You also have the whole venting thing to consider with any type of tent you might want to cook in.

Question, does it have to be a tent?
Have you considered alternatives like a monkey hut, or a square shade with tarp walls?
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Re: best tent for wind

Postby SaintTemple » 4 years ago

I would stay away from putting your kitchen inside. Outside in a shade structure usually works best. You might want a small tent to store food and stuff when not in use but trying to cook in a small tent is a pain at best and at worse a fire waiting to happen.

Shade structures would be a more worth wild than that tent. Look at surplus military camo nets the make great shade shelters and with the Lollypop poles you can get some reall height out of them plus they stand up well in the wind only thing they don't do is keep the dust out. And then store your kitchen when not in use in plastic totes and coolers. In years passed we have used military hard cases to store everything from food to a whole bunch of cheap kites. Plus they double well as seats.

Hope it helps.

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Re: best tent for wind

Postby Father_Burn » 4 years ago

Get a us military ecws tent. Built like a brick shi* house and had two fully covering flys that don't let any light through. ... ecwt-C.jpg
Put the white fly on the outside. Never used mine at BRC, but have used it in the canyonlands. Stays very cool and dark.
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Re: best tent for wind

Postby dragonpilot » 4 years ago

It will be a fine tent for cooking. Prepare your meal to be cooked, unzip the tent flap, place meal inside, zip flap, start timer. This does not work after sundown.
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