Found: Expensive Mountain Bike. Discribe

Found: Expensive Mountain Bike. Discribe

Postby nncoco » Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:35 am

Lose a nice bike? Several bikes were lost and left on our camp rack but one in particular was valuable. I'd like it to get found. Describe it and I'll arange shipping or PU in Southern CA.
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Re: Found: Expensive Mountain Bike. Discribe

Postby Sierrawonderlynd » Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:40 pm

Hello, lost a black men's electric mountain bike, "currie technologies eZip Men's trails electric bike" on sunday. It had LED lights glued to the frame and lights on the spokes. Also had a black zippered pouch on the back containing battery packs and a black pair of men's Burberry wide framed glasses. A sticker on the bike battery read "upgrade to warlock status" Hopefully this is the bike you found, please contact me for its return. Many thanks.
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Re: Found: Expensive Mountain Bike. Discribe

Postby vtorganix » Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:43 pm

The bike is an red Huffy beach cruiser with beige markings and a large black basket in front. It had tiger markings wrapped around the frame and a few lights taped on the front and back. Inside the basket were several valuable items inside a thin brown bag with "Balance" written in white. Unfortunately, the bike did not have my name on it or a lock installed at the time.
Items in basket included:
-Canon S95 digital camera (pictures will identify me and my camp mates)
-Bike Combination Lock (0120)
-Mini Mag-light
-Convenience/potty bag with TP, seat covers, wipes, etc
-Misc fun-time items, all legal
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Re: Found: Expensive Mountain Bike. Discribe

Postby GabeCohen44 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:19 am


Here is all the information I have on the Bike:

Model: TREK 2013 8.1 DS Model
Color: BLACK
Serial Number: WTUO99C94596

My name is Gabe Cohen and unfortunately I lost my bicycle around 5 a.m. Sunday morning at the Opulent Temple. I am writing in hopes of recovering a bike that was very dear to me that I purchased only a month and a half ago!

Other notables about the Bike:

-The Bike was purchased at Helens Cycles down in Santa Monica, CA and has a Helen's cycles water bottle holder on the frame.
-The Bike also has a IPOD zipper pouch located just below the handle bars on the frame. Inside there was a $1 bill and some Trident gum.
-The Bike also had some glow sticks wrapped around the handle bars, although they may be gone at this time.

Contact Info:

Name: Gabe
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Re: Found: Expensive Mountain Bike. Discribe

Postby yuribot » Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:18 pm

Sorry for copy pasting same response

Large mountain bike with blue and pink pipecleaners on top, blue and pink el wire, shitty shwinn seat, disk brakes?
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Re: Found: Expensive Mountain Bike. Discribe

Postby jumablackstone » Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:26 pm

I lost a new Giant revel 21 speed mountain bike with sun tour shocks. It that the bike you found? Whoever took my Giant at my camp on Kingcup street left their purple Raleigh behind.
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