Lost Cup

Lost Cup

Postby H.O.T. » Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:37 am

I lost my cup and water bottle during a moment of amateur hour. My cup is a giant blue tin camping cup. It is about the largest size made. It has been painted with an all teal background and has a big pink orchid on one side. I've used it for the past four years and it was painted by my wife. It is likely to be with my water bottle that is a basic clear plastic bottle with a black lid with a piece of bright green duct tape keeping the lid attached. It has two burning man stickers on it. One is a blue and yellow sticker from metropolis and the other is the official sticker from evolution, its the grey one that looks like a clock. I lost them on Friday night somewhere in the outer playa past the temple. Thanks for your help.
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