House of Skin and DPW King Louis

House of Skin and DPW King Louis

Postby microcandella » Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:34 am

Hey! Looking for the three lovely people who stopped by my lil solo camp at 3:30 and D one lovely eve.
We had excellent whiskey, smokes and a great set of conversations. Sadly I could not join you for the rest of the evening, much as I wished to.
IIRC, the gentleman was King Louis, a DPW radio coordinator, possibly a ham op.
The other two were from House of Skin. One was named Princess ___? and the other ladys name I cannot recall. (terrible with names). I tried to find you over the next few days.. Finally found house of skin camp but it had left by that time. ... 6343_n.jpg
I'm on the right, Princess on the left, King Louis in the center.

Would love to find your orbits and cross them again in some way.

I can be found on fb with microcandella at .

All the best,
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