Afternoon of the Tit Parade, You in a black-checkered scarf

Afternoon of the Tit Parade, You in a black-checkered scarf

Postby BeListenPlay » Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:11 pm

You were wearing rolled up light grey denim jeans and a black and white scarf. You were tan, with blue eyes, a buzzed head. A beautiful young man.

I was in a red floral dress, and white floral scarf with buzzed red hair.

My name is Eliza. Playa name, Grasshopper. You reminded me strongly of a boy named Adrian who I had once known, I believe I told you this.

Here's where my memory grows foggy. I had been running, and stopped to catch my breath. You caught my eye and I sat next to you. We sat together awhile, braved a dust storm, I seem to remember something about pink sunglasses. We got up and walked about, I think you had a bicycle. You invited me to your camp for a drink, tea I think. We visited some other peoples camps (where, I don't remember, I was quite disoriented at the time). Eventually we parted ways, I believe at my insistence.

Only after leaving Burning Man and regaining my head did I remember what a profound time I had with you. I'm afraid I don't even remember your name.

If by some incredible chance this story is read by you or someone who might know you, then by all means, please send me a message. I'd love to reconnect!


Here's a story-poem I wrote recently about our meeting:

A laugh, eye contact,
a beckoning.

Two persons meet,
a devotion begins,

born of the passage of time
that brought them there,

compelled by the verses
unspoken in the others' gaze

From his smile poured
a deluge to rival
all the goodness
she had ever known

And a door to all the
adventures that could be

His eyes shone
they were both animating
and grounding,
full of questions
bearing answers

His laugh leavened her
and brought her comfort

She was wild, fiery,
an unquiet mind

He was patient
and unjudging

She reveled in
his company

He showed
no sign of leaving

they flowed together,

though soon they
traveled among others
and her mind whirled

she grew wilder
and more restless,
in her fervency,
she asked that they
"When will I see you again?"
he asked,

Brimming with manic energy,
she made fantastical claims
that she no longer remembers
before turning and walking away.
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Re: Afternoon of the Tit Parade, You in a black-checkered sc

Postby BBadger » Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:42 pm

I am here young grasshopper.

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Re: Afternoon of the Tit Parade, You in a black-checkered sc

Postby Sunbeam56 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:30 pm

I am doing the parade, if I am able. :)
And, yeah, I have a great set. :) :shock:
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