Safety Last: Ukrainian Artists Working in BRC and Chernobyl

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Safety Last: Ukrainian Artists Working in BRC and Chernobyl

Post by some seeing eye » Thu Jan 09, 2020 8:04 am

An art group in Ukraine has been doing projects in the Chernobyl exclusion zone and in BRC. They are remixing sound and video gathered there. They have also mapped laser patterns on a giant radar antenna at Chernobyl and on the 2019 pyramid. They have artspace events in Kyiv (video), and have invited journalists to travel into the zone to cover the event, which was streamed on the Internet. They have multiple events a year in Ukraine.

The group behind it is Artefact and it is partially sponsored by the Ukrainian government.

It is all very high conceptual art, invoking Tarkovsky's Stalker* and critical of the current mediasphere. It is exciting to see artists working with such "hot" material.

You can search them up on the Interwebs.

*Stalker is a slow puzzling film about guides who take individuals seeking enlightenment into a mysterious post-apocalyptic exclusion zone. I've also met an artist studying the feral dogs in the exclusion zone.
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