Looking for a few good campers near Redwood CIty

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Looking for a few good campers near Redwood CIty

Post by CarrieSnarf » Sun Feb 02, 2020 9:37 am

I’m the mayor of Dust Menagerie Village, camp lead of the Fat Pandas. We’re a pretty chill camp/village. Large portion of the village is LGBT- probably about 50%? Also a decent portion straight, married, poly and just about everything else. Be a grown up, get consent- otherwise we don’t care. It’s not a “party" camp but it’s not a sober camp either. Please be able to handle your shit. Don’t be a drama queen, black out disaster or waste of space. Most of us are in our early 40s- don’t care if you are younger or older- but that’s the vibe.

We’re looking for a couple of new campers. Don’t care if it’s your 1st year or your 15th year. I like burgins and I’m happy to make sure you both don’t die and have fun your first year.

I’m looking for locals. Please do not message me if you live over an hour away. I live on the Peninsula in SF- work parties are most often in Redwood City (my shop). We do metal art- this year we’re building a flame throwing panda sculpture. If you show up, we’ll teach you how to do stuff. Cut metal, weld, poofers, etc. we work mostly on the weekends.

We have meetings once a month (first Sunday of the month at 5pm) to talk camp business, and work in the shop 2-3 weekends a month. We don’t expect you there every weekend- but we want people who want to be there. The more you come, the more we teach you and the more you do. July/August it gets busier (many weeknights).

On playa we have a few gifts- we do food service, we have a grilled cheese wagon, we have a movie theatre. Our village mates throw dance parties during the day. We play with our fire sculptures (the panda will be our second).
You will have a shift or two. We expect you to help with build and strike. There are camp chores (cleaning up, getting ice). We expect everyone to pull their weight and we expect you to be there for a good portion of the week (not interested in weekenders). You might get WAP- sort of depends on what you can contribute. We generally help people find tickets as a camp, so we'll help with that too.

Our camp generally attracts nerdy types. Some of us work in tech. Others have other professional careers. We have had campers with other jobs and lives- but if you are going to sneer at someone because they work at Facebook- look elsewhere. Our village mates are definitely more artistic- writers, artists, etc.

I would say we’re looking for people with the “right” attitude- we like people who are just a touch snarky but have a good heart. We like people who can both RTFM and think outside the box. Do you watch educational YouTube channels? if so, you have found your tribe. We like people who actually enjoy doing things like wiring car batteries in dark hard to reach spaces to questionable electrical rigs that were made at 11pm the night before. Have a weird thing you want to build? We want to help you!

If you want to come to playa to look pretty, get wasted and get fawned over- please kindly fuck off. Know how to use power tools without breaking them? Played with Arduinos? Ever spent an hour in a home depot aisle trying to hack a propane fitting to a lawn sprinkler fitting? You are with us! And it's cool if you haven't done that stuff- all we're looking for is people who want to try and learn.

We are a camp of creature comforts. We generally are placed around 4:30&D. We have water, a shower, private portos, good food, good booze and power. We have a fridge and deep freezers. We have shade for your tent and lots of well shaded chill space. Everyone splits the cost of camp so dues aren’t fixed, but if you are interested I can give you an idea of what it costs. We are very open about camp finances. Spoilers: it ain’t the cheapest way to burn- but it’s not the most expensive either.

If this is you- hit me up.


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