Treat greywater, then disperse on the road

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Treat greywater, then disperse on the road

Post by phil » Mon Jun 26, 2006 5:12 pm

From the July 29, 2005, Jack Rabbit Speaks:
- Or if you're in a very small camp, with minimal dish and body-washing water, you might choose to pour your grey water through a filter or sieve (better, a paint sieve or even pantyhose), disinfect the water, then, since it is treated, disperse it on your street to keep down dust. Do this when it's hot out! A watering can works nicely for sprinkling.
From later emails, I was told to use a quarter to half cup of bleach per 5-gallon bucket of filtered water. Let the bleach and water solution sit awhile till the odor of chlorine disappears, then disperse it into the street for dust abatement.

See ... 9_i28.html and search the page for pantyhose.

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Re: Treat greywater, then disperse on the road

Post by ibdave » Mon Jun 26, 2006 5:16 pm

phil wrote:
See ... 9_i28.html and search the page for pantyhose.
Yea I saw that also... Time to got to wallyworld and buy some xxxl pantyhose to fix over a 5 gal bucket..

Or make it a bodystocking costume b-4 you turn it into a filter...... :roll:
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Post by DoctorIknow » Mon Jun 26, 2006 6:49 pm

After straining with burlap (14 threads per inch is what I just counted with my magnifying glass) I can't imagine straining with as fine as a paint filter or pantyhose.

Kitchen dishwater would clog those up in no time. One MUST HAVE a garden sprinkle can, about $2-$4, to spread the greywater on the road after a little chlorine added and let sit.

The system we used in a kitchen feeding 20 was very efficient:

----get two 5 gallon paint buckets
----on one of them, cut it in two, the useful part is the top part, with the handle
----cut out MANY pieces of burlap, about 2feet x 2feet square
----lay burlap on top of "whole" 5 gallon paint bucket
----force "cut" paint bucket down into "whole" paint bucket, which will tighten burlap like a drumhead
----fill with a gallon or two of nasty water and let sit. If it jams up, use something to scrape the burlap
----don't bother to wash the burlap, just dry it in the sun and toss it. Burlap is cheap and you won't need more than one a day if you are a small camp. Less if you are just a few people.
-----treat "whole" paint bucket filtered greywater and spread on road with cheap garden sprinkle can

The burlap does a great job. The particles that come thru are very small and won't ever clog the sprinkle can.

If you are really worried about the small particles, just GENTLY pour most water that has been silently sitting and letting the particles settle to the bottom, and when those particles start showing up as you're pouring into the sprinkle can, just get a FUNNEL and pour it into one of your empty water bottles and take it home.

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Post by unjonharley » Mon Jun 26, 2006 7:33 pm

Tanks Doctorknow, In my system I dip instead of pour. That way the scabs, dingo berries and so on stay in the bottom of the bucket. i went Good Will towels last year. Will use burlap as you suggested 06
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