"The Room" - An idea that I would love to see happ

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"The Room" - An idea that I would love to see happ

Post by Life » Tue Jul 25, 2006 5:07 pm

It may be too late but I would love to see this happen. If anyone out there knows of people who might be willing to help with funding or production let me know. If it can't happen under The Man, it could happen in our camp.

Imagine walking through a door under The Burning Man and entering a dark silent room. Seconds after entering the room, the walls flash bright white and the white begins to yield to black and you notice that the black grows and gives way to a number "12." Oh, its a countdown! On each of the walls, the number becomes smaller and smaller and faster and faster as it approaches being a tiny central point of light that disappears and once again leaves the room only black. Then "11!" Then "10!" You begin to wonder why it started at "12". As the countdown continues you begin to wonder what will happen at zero. You begin to notice the others in the room around you. Looking at you! Wondering too what you are thinking looking at them; them wondering who you are and how you came to be in this room with them. And them knowing that you wonder the same about them and that you wonder the same things as they do.

The countdown reaches "0". Instantly moving pictures fade into view as the walls are video screens now offering scenes of everyday life. Some of it is Americana, some of it is nostalgia to you, other images are foreign to you but all images bring to you emotion. A mother singing a child to sleep. Children laughing and playing in the park. A hiker viewing a beautiful mountain pass. A family enjoying dinner togethor. A child riding a a bike for the first time. Among many many others. The music that accompanies is soft, soothing and beautiful. Classical in nature yet not classic.

As the images and the music continue, you are greeted by a voice. It too is soft, soothing and gentle.

"Hello beautiful one. We welcome you. We have all waited for your precious arrival and now you are here. It is you who have chosen to be here with us, 30,000 or so other beautiful, wonderful beings of light."

At this moment the images become real life images of events and people on all over The Playa. The love being shared, the fellowship, the dance, the feasts being had, the gifts being given and the sea of human potential being wrought. The voice continues.

"Having chosen this path we gladly affirm your purpose. You know you are one of the destined. It is your destiny to bring about the world that exists after. With the help of these 30,000 brothers and sisters you will create the new world which you will inhabit. A world, which you dream."

The images become movement through the clouds giving you a sensation of heavenly flight as the voice continues.

"A possible world of love, peace, happiness, joy and wonder. A world where together whatever you imagine, is."

Shortly after this statement, the image moves to clouds that are more menacing and fade into a mushroom. The voice continues.

"However, in order for this world to be, the world that you know must cease to exist."

A pause allows you to hear silence and the images change back to earlier scenes of everyday life without music.

"Unfortunately, this means that all that you know, love and cherish at this moment is lost. Your possessions, your pets, your co-workers, your neighbors, your friends, your family. All the things you love. Your favorite places; your favorite sounds. All the people you love. Your spouse and even your children all now cease to exist."

The images cease and the room goes back to black. And the words "Hope" and "Utopia" appear on two of the four walls and the words "Fear" and "Dystopia" appear on the other two.

"Utopia? Or Dystopia? The hope of an extremely wonderful future or the fear of losing all that you cherish from your past. It is your choice. To leave you must select a door; to Utopia or to Dystopia. Choosing the door to Utopia leads to the wonderful future that we will create and serves as your vote for hope of things to come. Choosing the door to Dystopia will turn back the time and lead back to the world you know to exist, hence serving as your vote for fear of losing what you have."

At this moment the two doors become illuminated.

This was inspired by my friend Rob Tyler. Without him I would not know of Burning Man.

I hope I receive a reply about this soon.

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Post by Desert Duck » Tue Jul 25, 2006 5:47 pm

Well, since almost all the Art has already been placed for this year, I doubt they'll be accepting anymore apps. Here's a link.

http://www.burningman.com/installations ... lines.html

I'd say try again next year, starting in January (I'm serious).
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Post by trilobyte » Tue Jul 25, 2006 9:14 pm

By helping with funding and production do you mean you're looking for people to help you pay for it and build it, or do you mean you have a great idea that other people should pay for and build for you?

Regardless of that answer, it's likely too late to try and get placement under the man. Your best shot is to make it happen at your camp, or if you can make something completely self-contained and free-standing, just put it on the open playa once you arrive.

As for funding, it's again pretty late in the game. Perhaps you'd have more luck raising some scratch in your local area, but for submitting a grant proposal you're many months late. You might run across some benevolent soul out there online who could help back you, but you'd probably need to have a very detailed plan on how to make your vision a reality. It sounds pricey, but good luck!


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Post by Ugly Dougly » Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:41 am

Trippy. Hope this comes to pass. Always room for original, visionary art.

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Utopia? Or Dystopia?"

Post by [CDS] topher » Sat Nov 04, 2006 11:16 am

>"Utopia? Or Dystopia?"

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